A simple change of a Facebook cover photo, accompanied by a smiley face comment from the Cedar Boat Club, said all that needed to be said. The Cedar Boat Club Fireworks WILL be back in 2019.

The annual fireworks display, always held on July 3, was in great doubt because of what happened last year. According to a post on the Cedar Boat Club Facebook page, there was violence in the Ellis Park/pool area. That was in addition to the well-documented criminal activity at a nearby Casey's store. The story and security cam footage from the Casey's can be seen HERE.

However, last night's monthly meeting of the Cedar Boat Club brought the great, though unexpected, news. The Cedar Boat Club estimates the cost of fireworks has gone up 10 percent because of the trade fee increases involving China so they are looking for sponsors to help defray those costs, along with added costs for more security, and an overall higher price tag for the 2019 event. They estimate this year's display will have total costs near $25,000. If your business is interested in sponsoring the event, please message the Cedar Boat Club HERE.

Yes, the skies above Ellis Park in Cedar Rapids will again light up with fireworks to usher in the 4th of July. A tradition of more than 40 years will continue, with more security. Both those are very good things.

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