They're baaaack! It's the first day of school for many districts in eastern Iowa, including the Cedar Rapids school district. And if you think the kids are the only ones who aren't quite ready for this, think again. Cedar Rapids police are asking motorists to be especially aware as the new school year starts. Spokesperson Greg Buelow says it is potentially the most dangerous day of the year as tens of thousands of kids hit the streets. And while there will be more officers on duty in school zones, there are some things that drivers need to watch for.

  • Watch for children entering the street from behind buses or running to catch the bus.
  • When backing out of your driveway or garage, watch for children biking or walking to school.
  • Drive slowly when approaching kids riding bikes and walking near the street.
  • SLOW DOWN in school zones. Obey the traffic laws.
  • Avoid texting and talking on you cell phone near school zones.
  • Watch for school buses. The red flashing lights and extended stop arm means kids are getting on or off the bus. State law requires you to STOP.

One final thing to talk to your kids about is never talking or accepting rides from strangers. If a stranger approaches your child tell them to tell a trusted adult immediately. That adult should then contact police.


[via CBS2]

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