It's another step in the right direction!

Thanks to a new article from the Des Moines Register, we now know that Iowa's first Dave & Buster's location is getting closer to being built. The plan for the venue was approved by the West Des Moines City Council this week, but there's still more that needs to be done. The article says that "the council's approval comes with the condition that a building permit will not be issued until the final plan is approved by city council."

We first started hearing rumblings about a Dave & Buster's in Iowa back in 2019. The new location will be a stand-alone building at 170 South Jordan Creek Parkway, which is right by the Residence Inn by Marriott. Construction on the 22,600-square-foot building has not started yet, and as of right now, there is no timeline on when the project is expected to be completed.

If you're not familiar with Dave & Buster's, it's essentially an arcade, bar, and restaurant all in one. It's a family-friendly venue that's fun for all ages, and it's a great place to host a party. I had a birthday party at a Dave & Buster's in Michigan as an adult a few years back, and although it wasn't cheap, we had a blast! There's nothing more fun than exchanging all your tickets for prizes, even when you're in your 20s.

Earlier this year, Cedar Rapids got a business similar to Dave & Buster's called Spare Time Entertainment. The venue is located in the old Gordman's building at 4601 First Ave SE and features an arcade, luxury bowling lanes, three escape rooms, a laser tag arena, food, and several bars. You can get more information on the Spare Time in Cedar Rapids on their official website HERE.

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