A 100 year-old Bever Park stone bridge is in danger of being removed due to lack of funds to take care of it.

The website Save CR Heritage says several of the park's old stone markers and structures are at risk due to deterioration. It's reported the bridge has holes in its decking and has been closed off from use.

Cedar Rapids Historic Preservation Commissioner Mark Stoffer Hunter says the bridge was made out of natural limestone and was likely built in the early 1910's. It was once sturdy enough for an automobile to drive over.

According to the website, Bever Park was established in 1893 and has been a part of the neighborhood landscape for generations. The Bever Park Zoo opened in 1901.

Save CR Heritage has been an advocate for preserving historical landmarks in our city since 2012 and depends on private donations to help fund it's mission. If you'd like to donate or to learn more, click here.

[source: Save CR Heritage]

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