Things got a little fishy last week when I gave Brain and Courtlin CLAM flavored candy canes. As you can imagine....they hated it. Watch last week's episode right here if you want to see their reactions.

This week I decided to scare them a little bit by bringing another mystery candy cane in. This one however I think wasn't nearly as bad. I gave them pickle candy canes! I LOVE pickles, but not in candy cane form. Brain and Courtlin seemed to share this opinion. See their reactions in the video below.

There are more weird flavors where that came from too. In fact, these candy canes are the perfect way to play a little prank on someone this holiday. See all of the weird flavors HERE. I'll probably give the candy cane flavors a break for a while, but don't be surprised if another one pops up at some point in the future so make sure you're keeping up with Taste Bud Trivia on the KHAK Facebook page. We go live on Facebook every Wednesday around 7:20 a.m. See you next week!

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