Attendees of the 2021 Iowa State Fair have been getting a very unexpected surprise, in the form of cash.

Over the weekend, Stephanie Rayburn of Ottumwa posted a video online about her experience riding on the Iowa State Fair Skyride. She and her daughter got the normal incredible view of the fairgrounds and fairgoers, but also a lesson in giving.

Sunday afternoon, the people in front of Rayburn and her daughter in Skyride car #41 were doling out cash to the people below. You can see people on the ground scurrying after the cash but Stephanie's daughter? I think she was a little annoyed at mom not listening to her. You can't blame Stephanie, though. She knew she was seeing something special happen. Something she undoubtedly shared with her daughter once they got their feet back on the ground.

It turns out throwing cash from the Skyride at the Iowa State Fair has been a thing, for a while.

Tonya M. Jenkins did it in 2016. She did it again the following year. The hashtag she used? #isfblessingsfromabove I'd say that's pretty fitting.

According to comments on Rayburn's video, someone was tossing dollar bills from the Skyride at the fair late Sunday evening. And another person said the payout was being doubled by another fairgoer who was throwing $2 bills from a golf cart.

If you're heading to the Iowa State Fair before it concludes on Sunday, August 22, keep your eyes open. Iowa has some generous fairgoers and you'd be wise to be aware of people going by you. Oh, and when you're going under the Skyride, look up. You never know when a little cash could be about to rain down on you, making a great day at the fair even better.

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