Pat Green's new single "Friday’s Comin'" isn’t about a dog, but he owes the idea to one.

The Texas-born singer-songwriter first came to grips with the song after a (sort of) funny text to his wife, who he was (sort of) keeping a secret from.

"I bought a dog at an auction and I didn’t tell my wife," Green divulges to Taste of Country.

"I named the dog Friday and my wife renamed her Divorce," he says, laughing. "My wife is a funny girl. So ‘Friday's comin’' is what I said to her in the text and that clicked on the light. I’m like, 'Oh, man, I haven’t heard a good weekend-is-coming song in a long time.'"

After his epiphany, Green (who is luckily still married) called on songwriter Zane Williams to flesh out the track. Williams co-wrote Green’s No. 1 single "While I Was Away," and he already had the first verse of "Friday's Comin'" written before he met with Green. The duo finished the song in two hours.


Green also notes that production for "Friday’s Comin'" was inspired by Eric Church’s “Springsteen," a song he’s a big fan of.

"Once we wrote the chorus, it was over,” the Texas icon says. "It went pretty fast. (Green songs) 'Carry On' was like that and 'Wave on Wave' was like that, too.”

"Friday’s Comin'" will be released to radio on July 23 and is partnered with a Green cover of U2's “Trip Through Your Wires” for digital release on July 20. These small releases are part of Green’s plan to continually release new music without necessarily relying on albums.

"The songs are coming faster now, so I want to come out with more," he says. "We’ve got some new blood in the band and they’re younger guys with new songs floating around and the road is a happier place right now. We’ll probably release new songs every few months."

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