I sure hope this isn’t a sign of things to come for Iowa this winter…

On October 1st, the city of Fairbanks in Alaska received three inches of fresh snow and another 2.8” the following day, October 2nd.

The three inches on 10/1 broke a 105-year-old record for most snow on that day. The former record, set in 1916, was 2.4”.

The 2.8” on 10/2 also broke the daily record of 2.1” set in 1944.

The two-day total of 5.8” is the sixth highest 2-day snow this early in the season in more than a century of climate observations, according to the National Weather Service in Fairbanks, AK.


The first snowfall of the season for Waterloo in 2020 was a few flurries on October 19th. The first measurable amount of snow occurred on October 25th when .1" fell at the Waterloo airport. 

The first inch of snow to fall in Waterloo in 2020 happened on November 24th when 1.3" fell.


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