Parmalee and Blanco Brown have teamed up to release their feel-good, danceable new duet, "Just The Way." Press play above to listen!

"Just The Way" is a high-energy song that brings attention to the importance of loving everyone for their true selves. Throughout the song, the performers profess their unconditional acceptance of their partners, singing "I love you just the way God made you, girl / He don’t make mistakes / What you call your imperfections / I call beautiful, babe.”

“Hearing ‘Just the Way,’ we knew it was a special song," said Parmalee's Matt Thomas in a press release. "As a band, we just needed that fifth element to help us deliver the message. We’ve been friends with Blanco for a few years now and have been waiting on the right song to collab on. Not only is he a great singer but he’s all about purpose, positivity and meaning.  For us, it was a no-brainer to get him on this song.”

Blanco Brown continued, “I thought the message of this song was so beautiful when I first heard it. I love the way that it is filled with positivity and celebrates life’s imperfections. I appreciate Parmalee for including me on this track and helping to share purpose with the world.”

"Just The Way" is available for purchase now. More information about Parmalee on their official website.

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