The targeted ad for the Metropolitan Opera on this clip may not do quite what the Met wants it to do...

Because this is not an opera clip on YouTube, this is an Opera Man clip on YouTube. Adam Sandler returned to host Saturday Night Live for the first time since he left the show (technically was fired, as he made clear on his monologue) back in 1995. As part of his appearance he brought back one of his most beloved characters, the “Opera Man,” who is Adam Sandler in a black wig, tuxedo, and cap, who sings ridiculous-o songs-o in a bizarre accent-o.

His triumphant return included this ditty:

Game of Thrones-ah
Almost finito
Molto exciting
Edge of my seat-o
We can’t wait for final show-ah
So we can’t cancel or HBO-ah

Since we don’t expect Sandler to host SNL again any time soon, it could be a while before we see Opera Man again. What will he do with his time? Wait a second. The Avengers need new members after Avengers: Endgame. Opera Man already sounds like a superhero. There we go, kill two birds with one stone-oooooooo! Hey look, I’m Opera Man now.

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