It was almost a year ago, in a much simpler, happier time, when we all had a big laugh over the fact that there was a Starbucks coffee cup visible in a very dramatic episode of Game of Thrones. Oh, the laughs we used to have. Remember laughing? I remember laughing. That used to be fun.

Well, things suck a lot harder now, but people are still accidentally leaving modern stuff around in the backgrounds of shots of period pieces. A Little Women fan on social media noticed that there are not one but two different water bottles visible in a scene from the film.

In the foreground right next to Timothee Chalamet you’ll see a Hydroflask, and then way in the background you’ll see a full-on Poland Spring-style plastic water bottle. Once you know where to look, they are ... not hard to miss. And there’s nothing else they could be. They’re just in there, anachronistically poking at us from across space and time.

The scene in question is around the 39 minute mark, with Chalamet’s Laurie talking to Florence Pugh’s Amy. It’s been a little bit since I watched the full movie, but I think they were arguing about who was thirstier or something. If you want to look for it — or just watch the entire film, which was clearly one of the very best released in theaters in 2019 — you can buy Little Women on Amazon right now. That will be money very well spent whether or not you focus on the water bottles.

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