Few details have been released, but a 16-month-old girl died Sunday afternoon in Sioux City after being left in a hot car.

According to KTIV, the girl was left unattended in a vehicle in the 1400 block of Rebecca Street in Sioux City Sunday. Though they don't say exactly how long the girl was in the car, authorities say it was "an extended period of time."

Officers from the Sioux City Police Department were dispatched to the scene at approximately 4 p.m. Sunday afternoon. The National Weather Service 3-day temperature history shows it was 98 degrees in Sioux City at the time, with a heat index of 106.

The girl was transported to UnityPoint Health St. Luke's where Siouxland News says she was pronounced dead. Her name has not been released. The Des Moines Register says the girl is the 16th person to die this year after being left in a hot vehicle.

Some automakers now have alerts on the dashboard, reminding you to check the back seat. Our co-workers 2019 GMC Canyon is one such vehicle. When one of the rear doors is opened up to 10 minutes before the vehicle is started or anytime the vehicle is running, a message appears on the dashboard when the vehicle is turned off. It reads "Rear Seat Reminder-Look in Rear Seat."

According to a story in the New York Post three weeks ago, 805 kids died in hot cars since 1998. More than half of those are under age two. Please Look Before You Lock.

Carly Martin
Carly Martin