A picturesque restaurant that offers one of the most unique dining experiences you could ever have is just a quick trip from Cedar Rapids. It's located in the rural beauty of Iowa, between corn fields. It's Teddy's Barn and Grill between Anamosa and Scotch Grove, in Jones County.

Yes, it's a restaurant inside a barn, and it's absolutely gorgeous inside. The barn was built by Theodore Freese in 1958 after a previous barn burned down. The family milked 20 cows inside until 1979, according to the restaurant's menu on MenuPix.

And just look at that elevated outdoor patio.

And remember that word, picturesque...

Chicken, seafood, steak, pasta, and yes, tenderloins (called Tedderloins) all dot the menu, along with some delectable desserts.

The address is 14575 E23 County Home Rd, Anamosa. Put it in your GPS and get moving.

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