If you haven't seen the 1995 film 'Se7en', I won't spoil it for you. David Fincher's masterpiece about a serial killer who murders according to the seven deadly sins has one of the most shocking endings in Hollywood history. The entire movie builds to that climatic last scene and you are eventually left breathless. Shocked. Saddened. It's pure movie magic.

I'm a huge fan of David Fincher. He's my favorite movie director working today. His work includes movies like Fight Club, The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Social Network, Zodiac and last year's Gone Girl. His films have a certain feel and look to them, and also have an authenticity that few other directors can touch. All of that and more is on display in Se7en. And lets talk about the cast. Brad Pitt, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Spacey all turn in top notch performances. But the real star of this movie is the direction by Fincher.

The key is suspense. It builds throughout the film. You know there will be seven murders. But the last two are left in question. The writing, the musical score, everything leads up to the final moments that will leave you speechless. 20 years and Se7en is still one of my favorite films ever. Check it out today and find out for yourself, "what's in the box?!!!"

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