Actors Luke Evans and Nicole Kidman are putting their own spin on the breakup song "Say Something." The song was originally released in 2014 by a Great Big World with Christina Aguilera. Evans will include their version on his upcoming album, A Song for You.

Evans and Kidman's take feels almost cinematic with a steady piano and strings accompanying their voices. The Beauty & the Beast actor covers the intro on his own before Keith Urban's wife joins him on the first two verses and the chorus. She then takes the reins for the third verse.

"And I will swallow my pride / You're the one that I love / And I'm saying goodbye," she sings before finding harmony with Evans again.

"I already had that song in my head, because I knew that it would fit Nicole's voice very well, that I could blend our voices," Evans tells People. "So I sent them the track, and Keith [Urban] was like, 'Genius – I couldn't have thought of a better track.'"

"[Urban] sent me a little video of her in the booth recording," he continues. "And she loved every minute of it. She was so grateful that I'd asked her. I was, like, 'Grateful? You have no idea how grateful I am!' But she's a lovely woman, and a friend, and very generous with their time. To do something like this was really special."

Kidman and Evans first met in Australia while filming the Hulu mini-series 9 Perfect Strangers. When they wrapped the show, Urban and Kidman threw a dinner party at their home for some of the crew. This is when the actor learned of her love of signing.

"When we wrapped the show, we had dinner one night in Nicole and Keith's [Urban] house in Sydney. After dinner, Nicole was like: 'Right, you're singing, Keith's gonna play the piano. He'll play anything, just tell him the song.'"

"So everybody came around the grand piano in their living room and I sang Adele's 'Make You Feel My Love.' I knew that Nicole loved to sing, so she was joining in," he recounts.

The Big Little Lies actress is not stranger to singing in some of the roles she's taken on. In 2001, she sang as her character Satine in Moulin Rouge, which earned her an Oscar nomination. She even sang backup on one of Urban's songs titled "Female."

Evans' cover album A Song for You will arrive on Friday, Nov. 4.

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