The Cedar Rapids Ice Arena spent over $1 million on renovations to its arena and lobby. One of the upgrades is a new entertainment venture that is sure to please gamers of all ages. It is a brand new virtual reality arcade! Whether you've experienced VR before or were a complete novice, like Courtlin and I were yesterday, you'll walk away impressed with the new technology.


The new virtual reality arcade is located in the lobby of the ice arena. There are six VR rooms in which you can enter and play in. You can choose from several different single-player games or team up for multi-player action. The games themselves come in varying degrees of difficulty too. I eased into things with the very simple Google Earth. You could choose wherever you wanted to visit and then instantly were there! I hovered over the streets of New York City and visited my own house in Marion!

Other games I tried included a music game where you had to cut boxes with lightsabers to the beat of the music. That one was harder than I thought! I then tried out a kitchen simulator where I had to prepare meals for customers. You had to do everything from putting food in a blender to cracking an egg! All of it in virtual reality right in front of your eyes and close enough to touch.

Ryan Brainard

You can purchase a half-hour of playtime for $15 or an hour for $30. You can also buy a membership for $10 and then get money off of your purchases. We had an absolute BLAST trying out the new arcade. I'm even going to buy gift cards for Chase for his birthday! What teenager wouldn't love to go shoot zombies in VR!