You're telling me that I can make ALL my food taste like Taco Bell?! Count me in!

When it comes to Taco Bell, there's no bigger fan than me. That's why I was VERY excited to find out about Taco Bell's new products this morning! According to Yahoo, Taco Bell is releasing not one, but TWO all-purpose seasonings to grocery store shelves.

The all-purpose seasonings come in Mild and Hot flavors, and are available in a convenient shaker container. A new article from HypeBeast says the product description reads:

“Shake it on, mix it in, and add the classic Taco Bell flavor you crave to your favorite recipes, snacks and more.” 

If you're wondering if these seasonings are the same as the one Taco Bell already has on the market, the answer is no. HypeBeast reports that they are different products.

So, now the question is... what, aside from Mexican food, can you use these Taco Bell seasonings on? The label on the shaker makes at least two additional suggestions: corn and popcorn. I think it could also taste great in soups or chili, on certain kinds of pasta, in casseroles, on loaded fries, or in dips! Let's be honest... once I find it, I'm going to put in on anything and everything. It's only a matter of time.

The new Taco Bell all-purpose seasonings are already being rolled out in grocery stores nationwide, so if you don't see it on shelves just yet, be patient. That being said, if you do spot it somewhere here in Eastern Iowa, PLEASE let me know!

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