Just what the world needs in 2020. Another social media platform. But go with me on this one for a second. This new site is called Spacehey, and it isn't trying to be the newest, coolest platform out there. It's trying to be MySpace.

The new site is all courtesy of a teenager in Germany, who was barely a toddler when MySpace first appeared. But what the site does so well is mimic the look and feel of your old MySpace page. You fill out your interests, write and post blog posts, share pictures and videos, and chat with other 'friends'. It harkens back to a simpler time. Back when social media was just, well, social. No politics. No fighting. Just a little fun.

And that is the point. Social media wasn't always a bad thing. It didn't always have algorithms that worked to divide us. It wasn't always about bombarding us with advertisements. I decided to see how easy it was to create a profile on Spacehey, which is free to join. It only took me a few minutes to slap on a profile picture and fill out some of my interests.


So if you want to go old school, check out Spacehey. I'm not predicting that it is going to replace any of the current mainstays in the social media world. Right now it's just a fun look back at how simple social media used to be. And 2020 could sure use a little simple nostalgia right now.

And if you decide to join, send me a friend request! You can check out my profile HERE.

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