A new poll released on Wednesday by Grinnell College found that despite the financial woes that have hit our country during the coronavirus pandemic, the majority of Americans remain optimistic that we'll recover.

The poll, which was done alongside Iowa based polling company Selzer and Company, shows that Americans are remaining optimistic during the pandemic that has infected and killed thousands worldwide. 88% of Americans are confident that our country will get through our current crisis. Another aspect of the poll was the financial troubles that the crisis has caused.

16% of people said that they have been laid off or furloughed, while another 12% expect it will happen soon. 28% of people say they have lost substantial retirement funds during the crisis. But the overall financial impact is being felt much more harshly on younger Americans than their middle-aged or older counterparts. Part of that reason is that they are more likely to work in the restaurant industry which has shut down during the pandemic.

The poll also found that 98% of Americans are washing their hands more frequently, and 91% are staying away from gatherings of 10 or more people.


[via CBS2]


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