[UPDATE 6/15]: The movie is now streaming on Netflix.

[Original Story 1/14]: They're Iowa's most famous unsolved murders. They're also the most horrifying. Friday, a new movie that centers on what happened in Villisca, Iowa will make its theatrical debut.

It was June 10, 1912, when eight people were killed in a home in Villisca, in southwest Iowa. The killer(s) used an ax, which was found at the scene. The eight people killed included six residents of the home... a mother, father, and four children. The other two victims were also children, visiting for the night.

Nearly 105 years later, the events of that night remain a mystery. Who was the killer, or killers? According to Cinema Buster, in this new movie, three friends who share an interest in hunting ghosts, decide to enter the home. Something supernatural is waiting for them.

The Des Moines Register says the movie wants to be clear that it's not a representation of what happened in 1912, saying, "any similarities between that incident and this film are coincidental."

The film is the full-length movie debut for director Tony E. Valenzuela. He spent a night in the Villisca Axe Murder House in 2010 and had nightmares afterward. He told the Des Moines Register, "I had my first supernatural experience there." He had nightmares afterward because his "brain was still trying to solve it."

Much of the outdoor footage for the film was shot in Iowa. Unfortunately, at this time, no Iowa theater is on the initial release for the movie, so on demand might be your best bet. It should be available on everything from Amazon Video to Vudu, iTunes, Google Play, and On Demand for some cable systems.

It's released Friday, January 20 and it looks absolutely terrifying.

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