Ryan Seacrest has signed on to host a new show called "Knock Knock Live." When you hear what this show is about, you'll hope to hear a knock on your door.

The format for the new show is similar to Publisher's Clearing House, only in that you could win big money. "Knock Knock Live" will air live with Seacrest in California and a team of wish granters knocking on random doors around the country. They'll be giving residents the opportunity to win large cash prizes or even meet a famous celebrity.

The question I have is, how do I get on the "random" list? Pick me, pick me! If you had the chance to meet someone famous or win some cash, which would you choose? Then again, if you won a lot of money perhaps you could pay almost any celebrity to meet you.

The application process is already open. You can nominate your own family or someone else you feel is deserving here.

"Knock Knock Live" debuts on Fox July 21st. Be listening for a knock on your door...

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