The future of a new downtown Cedar Rapids office building has been put on hold due to history. The Historic Preservation Commission has put a 60-day hold on plans to demolish three buildings along First Avenue SE. Those buildings include the old Sub City building, the Bever building, and the old Brownie's 66 filling station where car repairs have taken place for decades.

The commission called the timeout so everyone can take a step back and examine the buildings and make sure that something isn't lost forever when they are eventually torn down. The holding period is an effort to save historic landmarks in the city. Prior to this rule, anyone could obtain a permit for $30 from the city and tear down a building of their choice. Commission members say it's hard to know how many potential historic Cedar Rapids buildings have been lost.

Under the new rules, several historic buildings have either been saved or moved to different locations after the owners and commissioners could come to an agreement. Officials say the goal is not to stop progress but to make better-informed decisions when it comes to historic structures.


[via CBS2]

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