Let's be honest. When you saw the above headline, you tried to clear the cobwebs from your mind and eyes that clearly were playing tricks on you. Then you realized that WAS indeed what it said.

The restaurant is Beck's Taproom Grill and it will be their second location... they've been in Waterloo for nearly two decades and have won best burger in that metro 15 out of the 17 years they've been open. When I saw these pictures, I immediately understood:

Now, for the beer. Beck's will have 30 beers on tap and brace yourselves... 16 of them are on "The Wall." There's new beers on tap EVERY week and "The Wall" allows you to pour your own beer or do some sampling. There's even a focus on Iowa craft beers. It's like a keg party with great food... ok, maybe not exactly like that.

How long must you wait before this utopia becomes reality in Cedar Rapids?! Not long. Beck's Taproom Grill is slated to open in August in the former Hurricane Grill and Wings location at Lindale Mall.

Hurricane's closed?! Yes, that was news to me too but according to a press release from Barmuda Companies, Beck's will be "coming to Lindale Mall in the former Hurricane Grill and Wings location." Just to be sure, I tried calling Hurricane's... there was no answer. Oh well... Beck's sells wings too, so we're good. Bring on "The Wall." And that GREAT looking food too.

One last thing. Beck's expects to employ 65 people at their Cedar Rapids location and they're already accepting applications. Apply HERE.

[via Barmuda Companies]

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