The Cedar Rapids Police Department has unveiled their latest tool in enforcing speed limits within the city. The new device called the 'DragonCam' will allow police to target two specific areas. School and construction zones.

The DragonCam combines the standard laser tool for measuring speed plus a camera to take a picture of the violation. Just like other cameras across the city, the citation will be sent in the mail to the violator. There is one big difference. A police officer has to trigger the device each time it is used.

Police say they plan to use the new DragonCam in school zones and construction areas as well. Officials tested it out in the Cedar Rapids Prairie School District last week. Over 60 drivers might want to be watching their mailboxes soon as they were cited for speeding in a school zone.

The DragonCam replaces the police department's red Jeep mobile camera that has since been retired.


[via KCRG]

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