The transformation of the extreme northwestern part of northeast Cedar Rapids continues.

The area around Blairs Ferry Road, Collins Road, and Edgewood Road has changed a ton in the last 25 years or so. For example, remember when Blairs Ferry Road was just two lanes west of Walmart? Remember when the corner of Blairs Ferry and Edgewood Road was just a bank and a huge cornfield that sweet corn was sold from? No more. Over the years, that area of the city has been one of the biggest for growth, spurred even more recently by the Highway 100 extension from Edgewood Road to Highway 30. The biggest development in that area, the Fountains, which sits between Collins Road, Edgewood Road, and Blairs Ferry Road NE, is a step closer to completion with another building under construction.

The Accel Group is the company behind a 3-story building going up behind Wendy's at the Fountains. According to Q4 Real Estate, more than 60 jobs will move to the new building, which is expected to be completed in the spring or summer of 2021.

In a media release from Q4 Real Estate, the Accel Group CEO Tim Gassmann said,

With continued growth and a vision that includes further expansion regionally, we are excited for the opportunity to design and lease a space to better serve our staff and clients. What began as a concept has morphed into a testament of the culture and ambitions of our company.

The Accel Group will occupy the top two floors of the building, with 11,000 square feet of retail space available on the ground floor. The Gazette says The Accel Group used to be known as the Millhiser Smith Agency.

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