The newest installment in American Girl's series of historical dolls is sending millennials and older members of Gen Z into an existential crisis.

The brand recently announced a pair of twin dolls that are supposed to be from the year 1999, Tamagotchis, chokers, and all.

In a TikTok with over a million views, Shop TODAY quipped, "In case you want to feel really old today, American Girl just announced their new historical dolls living in the very distant year of 1999."

The dolls' accessories feature throwback classics like inflatable furniture, Pizza Hut, floppy disks, mixtape CDs, portable CD players, and even mini versions of actual American Girl magazines from the 1990s.

The Shop TODAY video jokingly called the accessories "ancient relics."

One comment noted that the twin vibe was similar to Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen, who basically ruled the '90s with their movies and fashion.

"I was born in 99 😅 I'm only 23 why does the internet make me feel so old," one person commented.

Another person joked, "Oh god I'm old. I had a portable cd player. All of this looks familiar. Help, I'm withering to dust."

Another TikTok highlighted some of the "vintage" accessories.

"Do I just climb directly in the grave now or…" one viewer commented.

On Twitter, the reactions were equal parts horrified and excited.

"The props for the American Girl 'historical' 90s dolls are Book-It paraphernalia and I am withering into dust as I look at this," one person tweeted.

Someone else added, "American Girls' newest historical dolls are from 1999 and some of their accessory sets are literally just what AG sold in the 90s, right down to the American Girl magazines from them, and I am MAD that that is GENIUS."

"American Girl K N E W they’d send millennial women into a social media tizzy over the new 1999 dolls and it’d be the best free marketing they could hope for. we are playing RIGHT INTO their soft, plastic hands," one fan said on Twitter.

Another person said, "I need all of it."

Feel old yet?

See more reactions to the new "historical" dolls, below:

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