Although restrictions are being lifted, and states are slowly starting to open businesses back up, the COVID-19 pandemic still lingers. In fact, many Iowans are continuing to fight the virus.

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According to KCRG-TV9, there are a lot of Iowans that are still on ventilators fighting COVID-19, but thanks to a new therapy they could soon be off of them. The report states that nasal therapy is being used by UnityPoint to give patients "oxygen through water vapor."

Since ventilators are of limited supply, and can be harmful to your lungs, according to the KCRG report, the hospital has turned to nasal therapy to "preserve the number of available ventilators." UnityPoint uses this therapy when a patient needs more than four liters of oxygen. It's reported that nasal therapy appears to be not only reducing patients anxiety when they are unable to breathe, but it's even said to be working better for most patients than the ventilator. We Are Iowa's report gives more detail on how exactly nasal therapy works and why it's more beneficial.

It's good to see patents being taken off ventilators and going home after recovering from the virus. As of noon today (June 9), the state of Iowa has reported 22,178 cases of coronavirus with 13,299 recoveries, and 623 deaths, according to the official COVID-19 in Iowa website. KCRG reports that the state's website shows 51 Iowans are on ventilators as of today. Let's hope that that number continues to decrease, and that these Iowans can return home healthy soon.

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