They're an absolutely gorgeous bird, but they're seldom seen in the state of Iowa. However, this year you have a much better chance! Meet the snowy owl.

A snowy owl pants when it's hot, much like your dog might.

According to KWWL, only around 10 snowy owls live in Iowa during an average winter. However, as fall nears winter in eastern Iowa, the number of snowy owls in the state are estimated at between 50 and 75.

Why so many snowy owls this year? Do they not like snow or something? No, that actually has nothing to do with it. It's a cycle that happens every four to five years, according to wildlife officials.

The next time you're out for a drive, where should you look for them? The same places you might typically see a common hawk residing. On a fence post, utility pole, or on the ground in a field. Keep an eye out, especially now while there's no snow on the ground, and you could see something you've likely never seen in the state of Iowa before.

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