A filmmaker preparing to shoot a movie in both Linn and Johnson counties this month is seeking people and products for the film.

Mokotsi Rukundo, who grew up in Iowa City and is a graduate of the University of Iowa, is looking for not only actors, but crew members, extras, and spots to shoot the film.

The movie, titled "East of Middle West" is about a man who joins a group of rowdy teens in a vehicle. He then makes a very bad decision, which costs two people in another vehicle their lives. The man runs from what he did but meets a man named Bill that changes his life.

The movie is set in the 1990s, so Rukundo is in need of vehicles from before 1997.

To learn more about opportunities associated with this new movie, click HERE. To submit a casting inquiry, click HERE. Don't delay. Filming is expected to start very soon.

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