I've never seen one of these in person, but I don't think I'd want to!

I was scrolling through my Facebook feed this morning when I came across this photo that was shared onto somebody's page:

[UPDATE] Some of you alerted us to the fact the picture has been making the rounds:

Some of you also said it's absolutely a possibility:

[Original story] After reading some of the comments, it looks like this picture was taken in the city of Traer, Iowa, which is just north of Tama. There were no other details offered (so hopefully this isn't some sort of hoax), but based on the amount of shares the photo had, I don't think it needed any. I live in a part of Cedar Rapids that's surrounded by quite a bit of nature, and I've seen deer, raccoons, groundhogs, etc., but never anything like this! It's crazy to think that there's so much wildlife out there that we never come across. Very cool photo!


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