It's not often that you see mountain lions, especially in Iowa, but the western part of the state seems to be seeing quite a bit of activity lately.

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Back in October of 2021, a mountain lion was caught on a RING security cam by Nancy Wagner Dowart in Des Moines. That video can be seen here.  According to KCCI, it was confirmed as a mountain lion, which is interesting considering the Iowa Department of Natural Resources said that mountain lions are visitors to the state. Apparently, there are no breeding populations in Iowa. And the Iowa DNR plan to keep it that way.

In December 2021, The Des Moines Register reported that deer hunters found a dead mountain lion with a broken snare around its neck. This male cat was a whopping 119 pounds. Wow. Can you imagine being next to that thing? Talk about intimidating.

Now KCCI reports that there was another cat that was just caught on video. Randy Johnson shared the video from his home in Ankeny just west of the John Deere plant. Take a look!

These beautiful beasts are the largest of the three wildcat species historically documented in Iowa, according to the Register. With some of these cats outweighing some people, you don't want to run into one. If you do however find yourself face to face with a mountain lion, here's what you should do.

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