If you live in the Mount Vernon area, local police officers want to warn you about a new door-to-door scam.

According to the official Mount Vernon Police Department Facebook page, there have been multiple reports of people posing as salesmen trying to sell different TV services. The post reads:

"Our office has taken numerous calls over the past 3 days of individuals going door to door trying to sell you different TV service. The City of Mount Vernon HAS NOT issued any permits for door-to-door solicitation, and therefore they are not in compliance with City Ordinance."

The crooks are claiming to represent Direct TV and Mediacom and are attempting to enter homes and get credit card info. In the wake of this news, the department is encouraging citizens to be very careful about who they're letting into their house. The statement says:

"We strongly discourage anyone from allowing strangers into your home, and further discourage you from providing any financial or credit card information to anyone without verifying the information first."

If this has recently happened to you, be sure to report it to authorities right away! You can read the full post from police HERE.

[Via Facebook]

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