In a move that was clearly inspired by my daughter and I's recent discussion on whether we can have chickens in Marion, the Linn County Board of Supervisors has approved an ordinance that will allow residents living in unincorporated areas of Linn County to have chickens and other small animals on their property. Yes, Carly wondered several weeks ago about chickens in Marion, a story which I chronicled HERE. While we have yet to add a hen to our backyard in Marion, other Linn County residents now have a similar option.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette reports that the Board of Supervisors approved the provision on Wednesday that will allow for the keeping of domestic fowl, (ducks, quail, pheasants, female chickens) rabbits, chinchillas, and other smaller sized animals. No roosters are allowed. Linn County residents are allowed 12 small animals per acre of land. In addition to the smaller animals, geese, turkey, and peafowl have also been added to the 'intermediate-sized' animal list allowed on unincorporated areas of the county.

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The Gazette reports that the city of Cedar Rapids has allowed urban chickens since 2010. The city allows residents to raise, harbor, and keep up to six hens in a single family property with a yearly permit. City officials say that they currently have 84 active chicken permits within the city.

Marion began issuing chicken permits in 2014, according to the Gazette. Before you can obtain your permit, you first have to take an urban chicken workshop. Both Cedar Rapids and Marion allow for six animals per residence.

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