If you think there is something missing from your life this spring, you're right. It's sports. Even if you're not a die-hard fan like I am, you have to admit there is just something wrong about a world with no sports. And this time of year, no sport better sums up spring than baseball. In spring, hope is eternal that this is the year that your favorite team turns the corner and becomes a contender. There is nothing like opening day, when all the teams are playing, and everyone is in first place to start the day. While COVID-19 might have delayed the national pastime, it certainly won't stop you from watching movies about baseball. Here are my five favorite movies about baseball.

5. Bull Durham - 1988 - A baseball movie with Kevin Kostner in it. You better get used to that theme! Kostner and Tim Robbins form a comedic duo trying to navigate the world of minor league baseball and getting called up to the show. Throw in a love triangle featuring Susan Sarandon, and you've got yourself a classic.

4.Moneyball - 2011 - A movie about baseball based on a book about baseball. This is the baseball movie for the number-crunching intellectual. Brad Pitt plays Billy Beane, the real-life GM of the Oakland A's. It follows his shift from traditional scouting to one based on sabermetrics. The dialog in this film is brilliant, and the front office moves will make your head spin! This is an ode to modern-day baseball.

3. The Sandlot - 1993 - This film speaks to the child in all of us. The kid who got together with his friends and just played ball. Of course, there are so many great characters and phrases including "you're killing me, Smalls!" A coming of age tale that every kid who played baseball can identify with.

2. The Natural - 1984 - Robert Redford as Roy Hobbs. Sometimes it's hard to tell where one starts and the other begins. I've always loved this tale of a star player getting a second chance at the game he loves. There are so many goosebump moments in this one, including Redford rounding the bases as sparks cascade around him. "Pick me out a winner, Bobby." Boy did he ever.

1. Field Of Dreams - 1989 - I live in Iowa. This has to be number one. This is not only my favorite baseball movie of all time, it's one of my favorite films of all time, period. A farmer plowing up his land to build a field so "he will come." At first 'he' is the ghost of Shoeless Joe Jackson. But in the end, we find out that 'he' is really Ray Kinsella's father. I dare you not to cry at the end of this movie. I dare you. "Wanna have a catch?"


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