Authorities just across the Missouri River from Iowa have apparently stopped another attack on an American high school.

The Cass County Nebraska Sheriff's Department made the frightening announcement in a joint press release on their Facebook page tonight. The post says that a pair of male students, 15 and 16, were "planning an attack on the school." The high school is in the town of Plattsmouth, Nebraska, just minutes from Iowa. The release says the two teenagers and their parents have all been interviewed about the threats and the weapon that the two had planned to use "has been accounted for and has been secured." It also states an investigation showed "a terroristic plan was being developed."

This appears to have been very quick work by the Plattsmouth Community School District, the Sheriff's Office and the Cass County Attorney's Office. They all acted after information was received by the administration at Plattsmouth High School today.

The teens have been banned from school grounds and are in the custody of their parents.

You can see the full Facebook post here.

If you see (or hear) something, say something. It certainly appears someone did on this occasion. Thank goodness they did.

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