Michael Ray brings his A-game in his new video for “Think a Little Less,” pulling out his best sexy smolder and tight black henley for the occasion.

The seductive ballad now has a visual to match, featuring a beautiful blonde woman making use of the oversized-white-oxford trope in a sleek modern beach house as Ray works his baby blues.

The video is a montage of sensual scenes alternating between Ray and the object of his affections, though the two never actually meet in one shot. Sheer white fabric flows in front of ocean backdrops, coloring the mood as Ray gives the camera a piercing stare or lies on a crisp white couch, reflecting on his longing for the woman. The breezy video suits the song’s quiet confidence well, and Ray is equal parts sensitive and sexy throughout.

Check out the new video for “Think a Little Less” above.

The artist recently extended his headlining tour by the same name into 2017, adding 10 more dates to the original run. The Think a Little Less tour wraps Feb. 18 in Savannah, Ga. Though he’s been in the business for over a decade, opening for artists like Sam Hunt and Kip Moore, Ray has strolled onto the mainstream scene with confidence.

“So incredibly excited and grateful for my first official headlining tour,” he said when the tour was originally announced. “Ten years of hard work has led me to this point. Lots of incredible music in store as well as a few surprises. Can’t wait to see you all out there!”

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