During Cole Swindell's meet-and-greet Saturday night at the Dierks Bentley show, I saw two girls openly weeping. I saw them crying again at the show and then they appeared on stage. Here's their story.

Emma and Allie are from Illinois. Saturday, they came to Cedar Rapids to meet their favorite artist and absolutely couldn't control their emotions. Here's how the whole thing went down.

Both got tickets to Saturday's Cedar Rapids show as gifts for Christmas. Both from their parents. I mentioned above that I saw them both in tears numerous times Saturday night. Those tears first started flowing Christmas morning when their parents both took video of them opening their gifts.

Now, keep in mind, this is just tickets to the show. That's when things really got crazy for the pair. Just look what happened next:

Here's the moment when Emma told Allie of their good fortune:

Then, on the way to Cedar Rapids over the weekend, this...

Waiting in the meet-and-greet line:

So about that meet-and-greet. Here's the photo. There's actually two other photos that show just how emotional the pair was. You can see those here and here.

Here's what Emma tells me happened at the meet-and-greet, and the rest of the night.

"Then we entered the meet and greet and before we even said anything Cole said 'Hi Emma, Hi Allie...nice to meet you'. He literally remembered our names!!! He talked to us and signed autographs, took a picture - best day ever!!!! But then we went to our seats and he must of seen us (or heard us, we were jammin pretty loud) and pointed at us and said 'i see you girls! hi emma hi allie'. ARE YOU KIDDING ME! OMG! Then it got even better than that! His producer came and found us in our seats and asked us if we wanted to got to the pit! We watched the rest of the show from there. We went on the jumbotron 2 times. The guitarist played in front of us and gave us his guitar pick. The drummer gave us his drumsticks after Cole's show. Can't get better, right? Wrong. Then his producer found us again and asked us if we wanted to go on stage. Remember I cried because I got tickets, so this is a little too unbelievable for me at this point. We went backstage. We were waiting and Cole saw us and he came over and hugged us both and danced with us for a second and asked if we were having fun- ahhhhh!!!! Then we got to go on stage and dance to the last song. Still not sure if it was real or not. Might just be the best dream ever."

What an awesome guy. What a tremendous show. What memories for everyone there, but especially Allie and Emma. They'll be sharing their story with Brain and Courtlin Tuesday (2/21) morning after 7.

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