Oh McFlurrys - you're amazing.

A McDonald's McFlurry just hits different. Especially when you have some fries to dip in it. So when I heard a new McFlurry flavor was coming I got a little too excited. It was a couple summers ago when they had a limited release of their Stroop waffle McFlurry which was DELICIOUS. I particularly loved the caramel in it.

This new flavor has the caramel and more. And the best part is you can get a free one on May 4. And not the kind of free where you have to buy something, it's legitimately free.

So what's the flavor?


I mean, come on, how delicious does that sound?

Also, let's talk about McFlurries really quick. The spoon/straw thing. Confusing? Yes. Useful for McFlurry making? Also yes.

That's part of their new campaign for their free treats.

Can you believe that the spoon is actually a tool to stir the ice cream and toppings all together? It's almost too genius.

But hey, we're still in a pandemic, and some people don't want to leave the house. McDonald's has your back. Their website details -

Don’t want to leave the house? From May 3-9, you can get a FREE Regular Size Caramel Brownie McFlurry when you make a minimum $15 purchase exclusively on McDelivery with Uber Eats**.

Plenty of ways for you to score this new flavored McFlurry for free, so don't miss out! I think it's going to be super yummy. Especially with fries dipped in it.


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