During his state of the city address, the mayor of Cedar Rapids said that the city will restart it's ticketing program for the traffic cameras on Interstate 380 "soon." Mayor Brad Hart did not give an exact date during his state of the city address yesterday. He stated that there would be a public notice and then a 30 day grace period before tickets are again issued.

The city turned off the cameras back in 2017 as they faced numerous legal challenges. Last November, Cedar Rapids police announced that they were going to resume issuing citations with the money raised going to hire 10 more officers. That plan, by the way, has yet to gain final approval from the city council.

With the cameras turned off, police say the speed of traffic has increased, as well as the rate of crashes. It has also meant around $4 million less in revenue for the city. Mayor Hart says that most people he talks to want the cameras back on, and the ones that don't aren't from the city of Cedar Rapids.


[via KCRG]

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