It's a great week for Iowa State Cyclone fans, that just got even better.

This Saturday the Iowa State Cyclones will play in their first-ever Big 12 Championship Game against the Oklahoma Sooners. The game kicks off at 11:00 AM on ABC.

It’s been an inspiring year for the Iowa State Cyclones football team, finishing the 2020 season (8-2 overall, 8-1 conference) with 22 players receiving postseason honors for their performance on the field.

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Iowa State head coach Matt Campbell is the most successful coach in the school’s history. He's a winner and owns a record that, if he were to choose to, could put him into a dozen lucrative, high profile positions, collegiate or professional.  This week he was named Big 12 Coach of the Year for the third time.

In fact, there are a lot of symbolic 12’s to toss around in this setting on Saturday. For those into the "numbers" consider this:

  • The Cyclones will compete in their first-ever Big 12 Championship game
  • The Cyclones will be facing 12th ranked Oklahoma.
  • Iowa State is also hoping to win its first conference title since 1912.

For Cyclones fans it all adds up to a golden moment waiting to be savored.

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