Cedar Rapids is the proud hometown of PGA Tour golfer Zach Johnson. The former Masters champion holds his annual Zach Johnson Foundation Classic each summer and each year he brings in some friends and colleagues from the PGA Tour. One golfer this year is bound to have some large galleries behind him. No, it's not former Bachelor Chris Soules, although Prince Farming will be there. It will be Jordan Spieth, the hottest thing on the PGA Tour since some guy named Tiger.

Over the weekend, the 21 year old Spieth won the US Open. He also won the Masters back in April. That gives Spieth the first two majors of the PGA season. He's the youngest golfer EVER to win those two tournaments in the same year. He's the youngest US Open champ since 1923 and the youngest to win two majors since 1922. Some are already claiming he can do what Tiger Woods did, win 4 straight majors, but that he could become only the first person since Bobby Jones to do it in the same calendar year. Is it possible? I suppose. But I think Spieth is more like Jack Nicklaus than Tiger Woods.

Spieth is humble, polite and gracious with his time. This isn't to say he isn't a fiery competitor on the course, but when I look at him I see what so many saw when they watched Jack play. A quiet golfer going about his business of beating the field. It's no surprise that Spieth and Zach Johnson are close. They share a close bond founded in faith and golf. Both have similar personalities and priorities. So on July 6th at the 5th annual Zach Johnson Foundation Classic at Elmcrest Country Club, Zach may be the hometown hero. But make no mistake that all eyes will be on Jordan Spieth.

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