My dad has been a deer hunter his entire life, and he's landed a few over the years with racks he's been very proud of. However, they pale in comparison to what Tyler Knott found in southeast Iowa.

Deer Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Knott indeed found that amazing specimen, already deceased. The "deadhead," as it is often called, has an estimated gross of 205 inches, according to a post on the Trophy Bucks of Iowa Facebook page. The thickness of that rack is IMPRESSIVE.

The Iowa DNR issued this reminder on their Facebook page.

If you find antlers still attached to a skull, like this, you need to first call your local DNR conservation officer for a salvage tag, like the yellow one in the photo.

What's the biggest rack you or a fellow hunter has landed during your time hunting? If you enjoy seeing massive deer racks, you'll enjoy the Facebook page for The Antler Collector.

Happy hunting everyone.


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