Maren Morris and Ryan Hurd officially have a toddler on their hands.

The country power couple celebrated their son Hayes' birthday on social media on Saturday (March 19), as Morris shared a series of photos and video of Hayes' farm animal-themed birthday celebration.

In one shot, the newly-minted two-year-old reaches out to touch an animal at a petting zoo; another video shows him chatting with goats in an adorably growly voice as his mom cracks up behind the camera. Another snapshot is a family photo, with Morris and Hurd cradling the birthday boy between them with the farm in the background.

"My baby boy is 2," Morris wrote in the caption of her post, along with a string of farm animal emojis.

In the family photo, Morris obscured her son's face with an emoji heart: She typically doesn't share Hayes' face on social media. That's a rule she put in place when he was a few months old, and she explained that she made the decision because of all the criticism and mom-shaming comments she got anytime she posted a pictures of him.

However, Morris still shares glimpses into her baby boy's life here and there. In his birthday pictures, it's clear he's wearing a pair of glasses, and that's a relatively new accessory for Hayes. Earlier this month, the singer tweeted that he was getting his first pair, and added that she felt "awful" for passing her poor eyesight on to her kid.

At his birthday celebration, Hayes was also sporting a pair of cowboy boots that he got in early March during a family trip to Fort Worth, Texas. Morris -- who's a Texas native herself, and is no stranger to a pair of boots -- documented the major milestone on Instagram, and later added a picture of Hayes at home, still wearing his new kicks. "He won't take them off," she wrote on that slide.

Morris and Hurd welcomed Hayes in March of 2020. They shared his full name, Hayes Andrew Hurd, explaining that their son's middle name was a tribute to Hurd's brother Andrew, who died at the age of 16.

Hayes' farm animal birthday celebration is part of a growing tradition of animal-themed parties. For his first birthday in 2021, Hayes got a party themed around one of his favorite books, Peter Rabbit, complete with bunny-themed decor and a carrot cake.

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