Maren Morris has revealed the full 14-song track for her upcoming Girl album, as well as another collaboration.

The singer shared the back of the album art on social media on Wednesday (Feb. 20), letting fans know her second album is coming in "two weeks." It's actually 16 days until Girl drops on March 8, in case you weren't counting. She announced the album earlier this month.

A previously-revealed collaboration with Brandi Carlile called "Common" is included, as is a new collaboration with Brothers Osborne. The song is called "All My Favorite People." Morris is friends with John and TJ Osborne, and the trio previously worked together on a song called "Greener Pastures" from the Brothers Osborne Pawn Shop album.

Most of Girl album titles are new, and all of the songs (except "Common" and her single "Girl") will be new to all but a few select fans who heard portions of the album during private listening parties in late 2018. In December, Morris spoke to Taste of Country about some of the themes of the album, admitting that life and society around her helped shape some of her messages.

"There's a few songs on the record that will kind of address the chaos that is the world at the moment — but in a human way," she says.

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Maren Morris's Girl Track Listing: 

1. "Girl"
2. "The Feels"
3. "All My Favorite People" (Feat. Brothers Osborne)
4. "A Song for Everything"
5. "Common" (Feat. Brandi Carlile)
6. "Flavor"
7. "Make Out With Me"
8. "Gold Love"
9. "Great Ones"
10. "RSVP"
11. "To Hell & Back"
12. "The Bones"
13. "Good Woman"
14. "Shade"

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