Okay, going to give y'all fair warning now: You will never be able to un-see what we are about to show you!

A very talented makeup artist by the name of Liss Lacão has become a TikTok sensation of late, due to her uncanny ability to turn herself into a variety of celebrities (male, female, dead, alive, real, unreal) with a few flicks of her makeup brushes. And, she's managed to represent the country world quite well with two of her transformations.

Lacão, who has "done" everyone from Cher to Eminem to Michael Jackson and even the Grinch with her makeup skills, got a request to morph herself into Reba McEntire, which she did handily (see above), noting that it was a "heavily requested" choice from fans. Very "fancy!"

But that's not all. The London-based blonde—who truly looks nothing like the celebrities she impersonates—also tried her hand at another famous blonde, namely Dolly Parton. "This really took from 9-5," she quipped in her commentary, while sipping a big mug of coffee...but the results (including some impressive cleavage, y'know, just for accuracy's sake!) turned out pretty darn good.

Admittedly, the makeup jobs are a little visually freaky on top of being super well done, so it would be interesting to hear Dolly and Reba themselves have to say about it. Alas, neither has commented on the makeup artist's account yet...but we bet they will be mightily impressed once they have been clued in to these unique tributes.

As for the artist, she told the New York Post earlier this year regarding one of her more outrageous transformations—that of Tiger King star Joe Exotic—that her work can take several hours to complete, but that she considers it "almost an obsession."

At any rate, "I'm lucky to have a job I love," she enthused. Which country star's famous visage would you like to see her tackle next?!

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