As if this long, cold, snow-filled winter hasn't been enough to put up with. Now we have to live with the threat of more major floodwaters to deal with again this spring. The National Weather Service released it's second spring flood outlook yesterday and the numbers don't look good.

When the first report was issued a couple of weeks ago it showed a higher than average risk of major spring flooding. Those numbers have gone even higher in the new report for nearly every local river forecast. This includes the potential to reach major flood stage. Why the increased risk? You can blame it on all the additional snow that has fallen in areas of Minnesota and Wisconsin lately.

One area of early concern is along the Mississippi River. The latest forecast says that locations along the Mississippi could experience record or near record flood levels this spring depending on how fast the snow melts and how much rain falls. The report also points out that just because there is an increased chance of spring flooding it doesn't mean that summer flooding is a guarantee.

To see the updated chances of flooding on rivers in your area, check out the odds HERE.

[via KCRG]

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