Who knew Luke Combs is a Will Ferrell stan?! The country singer tells Taste of Country Nights all about his admiration for the actor and declares that he'd love to have him star in one of his music videos one day.

"I'm a big Will Ferrell guy, I've always wanted to meet that guy. He's like the funniest dude ever," Combs raves to Taste of Country Nights.

Don't ask him to pick a favorite film, though. The country singer admits he loves all of Ferrell's work, from the classic Old School to the left-of-center Stranger Than Fiction, plus there's Talladega Nights, Step Brothers ... Combs loves the actor's ability to steal a scene, like the gem of a moment in Wedding Crashers when Ferrell's character is screaming about meatloaf.

"Those little parts add so much to the movie for me," he says. "[It's] almost incredibly funnier than when he's in the whole thing, because he's so much funnier to me than everyone else in the movies."

Combs laughed as he recalled Ferrell's audition from Saturday Night Live, which he feels really shows off his comedic genius. "There's a skit where he's essentially rolling around on the floor playing with cat toys pretending to be a cat. It's hysterical," he says. Combs promises he's just "one number away" if Ferrell is up for starring in one of his music videos.

"That would be hilarious, absolutely it would be," he says, reiterating: "I'm a hardcore Ferrell guy."

The "Hurricane" singer is currently on on the second leg of his Don't Tempt Me With a Good Time Tour with Ashley McBryde and Drew Parker, before he takes on the role of opening act on Jason Aldean's summer High Noon Neon Tour.

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