Luke Bryan and his wife Caroline are best known for pranks and getting a laugh at each other's expense -- but she once brought him to tears on Christmas Eve. He wasn't expecting the special gift she got him: A pickup truck that had belonged to his older brother, Chris, who died in a car accident when he was 26 years old (Bryan was just 19 when the accident occurred).

Caroline and her father-in-law, Tommy, tracked the truck in Louisiana and surprised the teary-eyed country singer. Bryan recently shared the story in an Instagram video titled "Luke Bryan: Best Christmas Present."

“The best Christmas present I have ever gotten – and will ever get – was when my wife, Caroline, went and found my brother’s old pickup truck from 1996,” Bryan says in the video.

“It was down in Louisiana, and it was still on the road. And her and my dad went down, they picked it up, brought it to Nashville, and Christmas Eve night pulled into the driveway with it," he singer continues. "And let’s just say that, yes, the tears were flowing and It will never be topped. I don’t know how you’ll ever top it. What an amazing moment for me and my family. It was pretty special.”

Bryan also notes the truck has become his "turkey hunting truck" and he keeps all of his hunting gear for the sport inside of it. "When the boys see me pull up in my brother's truck, they know we're fixin' to go turkey hunting," Bryan says.

More recently, Caroline had a truck-related surprise for Bryan that was a little bit less sentimental: As part of the family's annual holiday Pranksmas tradition, she teamed with the E3 Foundation to "steal" a different pick-up truck of Bryan's -- and then auctioned it off for charity.

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