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Someone who purchased a lottery ticket in eastern Iowa for a jackpot of just over $40 million is the sole winner of the cash!

The $40.03 million Lotto America jackpot drawing, the largest in the game's history, was held on Saturday, April 1. *The previous record jackpot for the game was $22.82 million in March 2018.

The winning ticket for Saturday's Lotto America jackpot was purchased at a family-owned restaurant and convenience store that's been in business for 92 years! The store is called Eichman's, and is located at 11941 U.S. Highway 52 N. in Dubuque. Stacy Eichman owns the store and told the Iowa Lottery, "You hear all the time: What are the odds? Well, it happened here! Honestly, I'm still processing. It's hard to believe."

The $40.03 Lotto America jackpot had been growing for an amazing 21 months. It was last won in July of 2021. Whoever won the jackpot can take the full amount of the annuity or a cash payout of $21.28 million.

Saturday's winning numbers were 2-38-43-46-51 and Star Ball® 7. Someone who purchased a ticket in Iowa had all of those numbers. It's just the second time in the history of Lotto America, which is played in 13 states, that the jackpot-winning ticket was purchased here in Iowa. The other was in May of 2018 when a man from Davenport won $4.38 million.

Soon, we'll be able to add a new winner to the list of the biggest winners in the history of the Iowa Lottery. They'll slide into the slot for the 6th biggest winner of all time. You can see the current top 10 in the photo gallery below.

Biggest Winners in the History of the Lottery in Iowa

These are the people who have cashed the biggest checks since the Iowa Lottery debuted in the summer of 1985.

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