We've heard a whole lot about lottery winners in Eastern Iowa recently. Hearing stories about lucky people winning major lottery prizes is always exciting.

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We shared with you the story of a Waterloo woman who ended up winning a major lottery prize. She took an owl landing on her patio as a sign that she should play one of her favorite lottery games. Not only did she go and buy a ticket the next day, she ended up winning the big prize!

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Now, someone allegedly tried to make off with some lottery tickets is in some deep trouble. A store clerk at Broadway Liquor located at 821 Broadway street in Waterloo removed several different tickets for lottery games and played them.

Reports say that Chasidy Marie Zweck was arrested on six counts of lottery fraud.

She allegedly took tickets from the following scratch off games: Perfect Gift, Lucky Number Game Book and Cash Blast. Zweck has been released and is awaiting trial.

In the state of Iowa, any sort of lottery fraud is a class "D" felony. This includes any sort of attempt "to influence the winning of a prize through the use of coercion, fraud, deception, or tampering with lottery equipment or materials," according to the Iowa legislature. 

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